Worship at First Parish Truro

What can I expect to find in a Sunday morning worship service here?  

Our Sunday morning worship services take place during the summer months at 10am. The 2020 summer worship season will take place from June 21st through September 20th. This summer, we will be meeting virtually rather than in-person to help slow the spread of Covid-19 in the Outer Cape community. You can sign up for our weekly virtual worship Zoom invitation by providing your email address here.

A typical Sunday service includes live piano or organ music, sung congregational hymns, prayers, brief readings from the Bible, and a spoken sermon by one of the Pastors. If it’s a Communion Sunday (usually the first of the month), we add a service of Eucharist with bread and grape juice. Our communion table is open to everyone, without exception. Services are approximately an hour in length, and all are welcome to stay for coffee and treats afterward. Families with children and babies are very welcome to attend. We have a come-as-you-are policy, so wear whatever you’d like. You will see folks in jeans and flip-flops while others are in their “Sunday best,” and both are equally welcome. After all, it’s the Outer Cape!

Theologically, the people in our pews come from a wide variety of viewpoints, faith traditions, and backgrounds. We have “spiritual but not religious” Christians, lapsed Catholics, die-hard Congregationalists, people who grew up “Metho-Bapti-Luther-terian,” devout Humanists, questioning Atheists, and folks who (sadly) once felt the sting of rejection from a previous church because of who they are and/or whom they love. We are a church that believes Jesus was special in lots of ways, not the least of which was his ability to bring people from all walks of life and viewpoints together to worship the loving and living God. That same power to bring people together across difference exists today, and we do our level best to tap into it. Our Pastors preach the stories of the Bible, but with an eye toward their relevance today. This is a place to bring your theological questions, and to wrestle with them in community.

We understand that it can be intimidating to visit a church you’ve never attended before, but please know that our congregation welcomes all people warmly. We hope you’ll feel right at home, and that you will emerge from our¬†services spiritually uplifted.