Here are the ways you can donate to the life of First Parish Truro:

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 7.45.41 AMBecome a Friend of the Truro Meeting House

The “Friends” are a secular group dedicated to the rich history of our historic meeting house building.  Their support allows us to maintain the property and use it for cultural and educational events for the Truro and Outer Cape community.  Learn more at the Friends’ website:

Become a Friend by donating using PayPal


First Parish Truro - Small Square 100 x 100 logoSupport First Parish Truro’s Mission

Have you visited and found worship inspiring?  Do you want to support a faith community that is welcoming to all people?  Our congregation sustains itself on member donations and support from friends across the country.  Whether you are a regular or a one-time visitor, your gift of any amount will be used to further the ministry of our church in this community.

For now, you may use the Friends of the Truro Meeting House donation form to make your gift to First Parish Truro, as we work to create a PayPal site of our own.