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A word from our Leadership Team about Summer 2022!

First Parish Truro has learned a lot about itself through these past two years of the pandemic.

In year one, we learned that our community could be connected even beyond gatherings within the four walls of our beautiful and historic building. We worshipped together all summer long in virtual space, amazed at how God’s love flowed through technology and kept us spiritually fed during those first fearful months of quarantine. We figured that 2020 would mark our only fully virtual summer. But the summer of 2021 proved to be a tricky one for those of us committed both to the work of congregational life and to a desire to foster hospitable, safe sanctuary for all. Though vaccines had been rolled out nationwide, many in our faith community still felt unable to safely travel to Truro for the summer, and many others among us remained cautious of larger gatherings. When the Delta variant emerged in Provincetown after the July 4th weekend, we realized that our Leadership Team’s decision to keep all church gatherings virtual in the summer of 2021 – though a difficult decision for many – was the right one for the health and safety of our church members and wider Truro community. Still, the decision came at a price, given how much we all continued to miss our in-person summer Sunday gatherings at the church.

We are now quickly approaching June 2022, and we have every intention of taking what we’ve learned about technology, covid safety, and congregational life over these past two summers to heart as we build a weekly hybrid worship experience. The Leadership Team is still working out the details, and we ask for your prayers as we do so. However, our intention is for us to begin gathering in-person once again starting on Sunday, June 19th, 2022, while adding a virtual streaming option for those who cannot or choose not to join us live at the church. We assure you that we will follow all the proper covid protocols, including mandatory masking as long as covid remains a threat. And this plan is, of course, subject to change if the pandemic takes another upward turn. However, we hope and pray that summer 2022 will mark a beautiful time of homecoming for those of us who love First Parish Truro’s physical space, while remaining committed to those who have come to love its virtual space, as well. Because we on the Leadership Team love all of you.

To sign up for any virtual worship services, please provide your name and email address on the Google Form linked here. (If you are already receiving emails from First Parish, you do not need to complete this form. You will automatically be included.)

If you aren’t able to join us live for services, we will post the “public” portion of the service (the portion that doesn’t include people’s private prayer concerns) onto our church’s YouTube and Facebook pages. You can then watch our services at your convenience during the week.

Whichever way you choose to join us, we look forward to your presence!

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