Ken Medema in Concert at First Parish – Sunday, June 19, 2016


DATE:  Sunday, June 19th

TIME:  3pm

WHERE:  First Parish Truro:  3 First Parish Lane; Truro, MA 02666

Join us for a free concert by world-renown composer-singer-songwriter, Ken Medema. 

You may not know his name, but – odds are – if you’ve been in a church in the past 40 years, you have heard his music.  Ken Medema is one of the most prolific and talented composer/singer/songwriters of our time, and he is coming to First Parish Truro, United Church of Christ, for a free public concert.  He has performed for over 40 years in different venues, for groups ranging from 50 to 50,000 people.

Medema honed his musical abilities early in his life, mastering piano and developing his rich baritone voice.  In 1973, Medema was working as a music therapist at Essex County Hospital in New Jersey, and noticed a need among the teenagers there.  He is quoted as saying, “I had a bunch of teenagers who were really hurting, and I started writing songs about their lives.  Then I thought, ‘Why don’t you start writing songs about your Christian life?’ So I started doing that, and people really responded.”  Blind from birth, Medema is able to “see” a person’s story through audience interaction at his concerts, and composes improvisational songs based on their lives.  This creativity means that each concert is a unique and intimate experience with the songwriter.

Though Medema writes his lyrics from a Christian perspective, people of all different faith traditions find spiritual uplift from his music.  His songs explore such universal themes as justice, peace, and love.  Medema’s compositions span many genres such as classical, folk, jazz, Broadway, and world music.  This means there will be something at the concert for every taste.

The concert on June 19th is free of charge and open to the public.  Dress is casual.  All ages, diversities, and abilities are welcome, and the church building is wheelchair accessible.

Here is a sample of Ken’s musical offerings:

And his improvisational abilities:

For more information:

FREE CONCERT – Ken Medema – Sunday, June 19th, 2016, 3pm