We are writing with a special thanks to all of the members and friends who gathered last Saturday, June 3rd, for the opening business meeting of First Parish for this 2017 summer season!  We won’t begin worship officially until Sunday, June 18th.  But we all know that the work of our church happens year-round, and this meeting was both an update of what has been done during the “off-season,” and a preview of all that is ahead of us this summer.  A special thanks to our many volunteer congregants who donate so much of their time and energy while others of us are away during the fall and winter.  Y’all know who you are, and we do, too, and are so very grateful to you.

Perhaps you’ve heard of a “found poem” before.  It’s when you take words or phrases from some other source and piece them together into a brand new literary piece.  If you noticed us taking notes at the meeting Saturday morning, we weren’t just jotting down potential dates for this year’s Yard Sale, but also listening to the phrases you used to describe the church and our work together.  We noted the little exclamations and laughter around the table.  And we crafted the following “found poem” from your words at the meeting – everyone who was around the table offered some piece of this.  It has turned out as a prayer, which makes sense given our sacred mission together.  It also has the flavor of our life together as a parish.

And it’s all a metaphor, right?  Out of many disparate people we make the church, which is able to do more together than any of us could alone.  Out of many disparate phrases and words we made this little poem.  We hope that it will make you laugh, or edify you, or remind you of the time we shared, or get you excited for the work ahead, or some combination of all of that.  In the meantime, bless you for your giving hearts.  We can’t wait to get started with the summer worship ahead in just a couple weeks!

–Chad & Anastasia – First Parish Co-Pastors

“Found Poem” prayer, First Parish Truro business meeting – 6/3/17

This little church – she’s alive!

Lives going on, running hither, thither, and yon

So much back and forth.

This church will be here when the climate change comes.

The church will still be here – up on a hill.

We have a lot on this agenda.  Pitch in!  All hands on deck!

Changes have to be made.  (Head’s up – that’s the way our country should be, too, for what it’s worth.)

We need to be bolstered in our faith, with these little connections, to each other, to our church, our God.

But it’s going to cost us.  We have a lot of stuff to cover.  

What kind of a group are we?  Committees abound, and it gets us out of the house.  But is there more?

Compelling stories – that’s a blessing.  We are really excited, and we’re not leaving.

We’re moving on, like we always do – seeing to it that everything is in its place, filling in the spaces,

Everyone is welcome, and should be able to help do this.  Room for children, too!  

It’s a big help – all of this – and it’s very good news.

So, ring it out!  Generosity!  Benevolence!  Beauty!  Communion!  Bold, short, sweet!  

All of this is much appreciated.

We applaud you, with weary and helpful hands, O God, for being very visible.  Community.  Friendships.  Healing.  Beautiful.  What a blessing.

And we can’t thank you enough.  Amen.  


2017 Opening Business Meeting Reflections